Most Popular Holiday Attractions in Australia

When it comes to bucket lists, visiting Australia is somewhere on the list for millions of people. Known for its amazing attractions and incredible wildlife, Australia features something for everyone no matter what interests them. From the Australian Zoo to the Sydney Opera House to Pink Lake, the country truly does offer an attraction that fits the tastes of all its millions of visitors each year. What are some of the most popular attractions in the nation that is home to more than 22 million people?

The Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is located on the coast of the south east side of Queensland, Australia. The name Gold Coast first came from the real estate investors that flocked to the city in the 1800s and has seen numerous booms that have carried it over the years in its quest to be a must see location. From luxury hotels to its large number of beaches to surf at, canal and water systems, amazing nightlife, theme parks and more, the Gold Coast is one of the biggest tourism areas in the country.

The best known Theme Park is Movie World. Unlike the United States where there are numerous amusement parks on either side of the country, the Warner Brothers Movie World is the only park of its kind in Australia. All your favourite Warner Bros. characters are showcased throughout the park and park provides fun for all. From the high octane roller coasters to the easier to handle kid rides to family entertainment options, this park will remind American tourists of the amusement parks back home. Among the family entertainment options at the park are the "Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs - The 4D Experience" and "Hollywood Stunt Driver" activities. They also offer various night time activities for adults after the kids go to sleep.

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Ayers Rock

Known locally as Uluru, this large sandstone rock formation can be found in the northern part of the country. To some locals, this area is sacred ground and features numerous marvels and attractions for visitors to be in awe of. From waterholes and ancient paintings to rock caves and springs, the area features plenty of picture worthy sights for you and your family. Click here to read our Uluru Mini Guide before you go.

Melbourne Aquarium

If you are travelling with children, visiting an aquarium or a zoo are at the top of the list of things that you should consider. At these facilities, children can roam around and learn about the animals and the history of the country, but all in an enjoyable way. At the Melbourne Aquarium, you and your family will be able to see the prehistoric green sea turtle or even the ever popular majestic penguins. There is also a seahorse nursery and one of their most popular attractions, the shark dive xtreme.

With the shark dive xtreme, you will get a chance to take part in this adrenaline pumping activity that lets you get in scuba gear and go diving into the 2.2 million litre oceanarium. There are certain exclusions and limitations for this activity, so double check with the aquarium to ensure this is happening during your visit.

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