Types of Holidays in Australia

When vacationing in Australia, there is an enormous range of things for you to see and do. While most locations only provide you with the potential for urban discovery, Australia provides you with loads of outdoor opportunities no matter where you go. The natural world is just as much a part of the heritage of Australia as its famous rail system and its rich history. All of these potential activities make Australia one of the few countries in the world that really does offer something for everyone. To better understand how Australia can fit into your holiday plans, it's best to get a firm grounding in the types of holidays you can find here.

Nature Holidays

Nature holidays are an enormous commercial draw for the country of Australia. With such diverse wild habitats and unique creatures, it's easy to see why so many eco-tourists would flock to this country. When visiting the country of Australia, tourists will have access to many options for outdoor adventure ranging from coastal wilderness to jungle and even desert. The exact type of activities you engage in while in the country will depend entirely on the comfort level you have with varying exposures to extreme environments.


The sub-tropical jungle habitats of eastern Australia are well-known as some of the most lush and verdant in the western world. Much of it is still very primeval in character, and this allows visitors to get a first-hand look at what true wilderness looks like. Visitors to the jungles of eastern Australia may get a close look at the infamous saltwater crocodile, made famous by renowned Australian conservationist Steve Irwin. Along with crocodile sightseeing adventures run by reputable agencies, many touring companies offer the chance to see wild emus and the infamous cassowary.


The deserts of Australia are immense. In fact, a significant majority of the country is covered in enormous deserts that stretch on for hundreds of miles. Dotting the landscape within these desolate landscapes are many rock faces. These rock faces are an important part of the aboriginal heritage of Australia, and they are a major point of interest for tourists to the country. Tours run throughout the desert and provide visitors with a number of unique opportunities for adventure. Tourists can take on simple nature tours to learn about the ecology of the desert, or they can take on any number of dune buggy, sand surfing or extreme sport adventure.

The Beach

The beautiful coast of Australia is perhaps the most common outdoor draw of the country. The beaches of Australia are pristine in nature, and they are very popular with both tourists and locals alike.

City and Cultural Tours

Australia is also home to some truly interesting city-centres. Most cities throughout the country are built around the history and culture of Australia. What most visitors will find is that Australian pride is not just something that is written on bumper stickers or tourist brochures. Australians by and large are in love with their country and heritage, making a visit to any city throughout the country and adventure in itself. Taking part in cultural tours of the biggest cities in the country is an immensely popular activity for visitors to the country.

Take Everything In

The most important thing to remember is that you simply can't put all of Australia into one visit. This is an enormous country with a very diverse cultural heritage that requires a deliberate approach. Taking the time to seek out and discover new things in this island nation will provide you with memories to fill many different holiday trips.