Australia as a Holiday Destination

Holidays are seen by many people as an opportunity for travelling to a new and exciting destination. Travelling to new places gives someone the opportunity to not only "see" a new place, but to experience an entirely different way of life. For many people, Australian culture is not going to be starkly different from their own way of life. After all, most of the same influences that are apparent in Australian culture will be seen in most other developed western nations. However, there is a definite Australian heritage that makes this country a "must-see" tourism destination for people from around the world.

Natural Wonders

Some of the biggest points of interest for tourists to Australia are the expansive, diverse natural habitats found here. Natural beauty abounds throughout the country, and it's one of the few countries on Earth where tourists can visit both lush jungle habitat and desolate desert. The most commonly-visited ecosystems in Australia are the eastern jungles and the central to western deserts. Within these boundaries, visitors to the country will find unique habitats as well as some species of animal endemic to the region. To better understand what can be found here, it's smart to look at these regions on their own merits.


Along the eastern rim of the Australian continent, there are lush and expansive jungle wilderness areas. These areas are accentuated by some of the most pristine estuary habitat on Earth, which in turn supports some of the healthiest semi-aquatic habitats found anywhere. These natural wonders bring an enormous amount of tourists to the country every single year. They come to see the overall beauty of the jungle, but they also come to check out some of the amazing wildlife. While on a holiday in Australia's jungle outback, it's not uncommon to see an immense saltwater crocodile wading in the shallows.


The vast interior of Australia is a wide-open, expansive desert. Within the desert there are a number of things to see and do, which may not be readily apparent to people who aren't from the country. Visiting the rising plateau of Uluru is a big draw for many tourists, but it should be noted that climbing Uluru is discouraged. Uluru is seen as a holy site by the local indigenous people. While climbing to the top of Uluru is not against the law, it is seen as disrespectful to the beliefs of the aboriginal people.

Cities and Towns

Australian cities and towns are world-renowned for their flair and zest for life. Throughout every city you visit in Australia, there is a huge emphasis on adventure travel and the history of the country. This means that you will have full access to the culture of Australia while simultaneously being involved in some of the most exciting aspects of Australia as a holiday destination. While the famous cities of Sydney, Perth, Darwin and Melbourne are huge tourist attractions, the interior towns have a very unique texture that is so individually Australian.

Visiting Australia

Visiting the lush, verdant coast of Australia can be the thrill of a lifetime for even the most jaded traveller. Adding in a trip to the centre of the country and the expansive desert it holds can bring many more thrills into the mix. As a tourist destination, Australia stands alone in how it treats visitors. Since such an enormous part of Australia's economy is based off of tourism, visitors will find that they are well taken-care of while they visit. This allows visitors to feel secure in the knowledge that they can easily get the most out of their Australian holiday.